Our Heritage

Luna blu started out 14 years ago based on a little Italian street side cafe with a strong Italian ethos. We have since grown into a gourmet food company keeping to our strong Italian principles, but encompassing the best of the entire world

As a gourmet food company we take pride in the fact that most ingredients are prepared fresh in house and recipes are as authentic  as when first discovered. Today our fusion approach has created dishes that are synonymous with Luna Blu • Some of these signature dishes include our Potato pizza, Fillet la Luna (fillet steak), Lamb shank, Chicken Ballintene and H-Man pastas amongst others

For the coffee and social connoisseurs, our renowned in-house creme brulee and Beauty Mocca adds to the social experience, coupled with our Luna Tails and drinks such as our famous Ginger punch or Strawberries & cream. Our Italian flair comes through in the rich aroma and delicious taste that leaves a lasting impression that has helped us reach the aspiring heights in the competitive industry of  cuisine, With this in mind we have aspired to bring you the best in quality and service


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